when ya hear ya mamas footsteps at 3 amΒ image

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Sometimes I just don’t understand but then I remember I don’t gotta understand everything some things are a mystery just let it go and let it be (via ashweeedz)

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- Realising the truth is like waking up from a dream. You don’t want to, but finally you have to see the grey, cruel world. There’s no perfect boy. There’s just a spoiled child.


Gorillaz - Hillbilly Man

The Fall

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Q: My friend likes you! He thinks you're cute and funny and caring and absolutely amazing! He wants to hang out with you but he says you never have time, he really really likes you and I think he has for a while, so keep a look out for this kid, maybe he will give you a glance to let you know, I will tell him too! He messaged you earlier saying he think he loves you, he just likes you a lot, he's not that creepy I swear!

Hahahah oh my! That’s exciting 😊

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Q: i would care for you buy you the whole world just so you can be my girl

Haha omg πŸ™ˆπŸ˜

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Q: Gorgeous person again, are you in a relationship? If not, do you like anyone?

Haha I am not! And I’m not really sure at the moment!

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